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Webbing – British Army – What goes in it…

Gurkha soldiers during an exercise

This has gone back a long time and there is plenty of information available online as to what webbing holds and where to put everything but for this article we are going to put emphasis on the basic load out for an Infantry soldier and what kind of configuration they would normally have stowed away in all those lovely pouches, when it’s assembled together the right way, in the right size and it’s well looked after it does the job perfectly fine and in some ways can be more comfortable or superior to wearing a MOLLE vest shuddered with pouches all over.

The basic load out (from left to right)

Left Ammo Pouch: Obviously your basic load of 6 ammunition pouches containing 6 x 30 round magazines, usually the issued load out
Bayonet Frog: Guess what goes in here? Correct! The SA80 bayonet along with scabbard!
Water-Bottle Pouch: Basic survival gear to keep you alive and functional, if not all that comfortable, obviously the issued 58″ pattern Osprey water bottle along with mug (perhaps one of the gucci Crusader ones from BCB), along with your basic cooker and some fuel tablets you’ll also routinely keep a pouched meal along with brew kit, lighter, matches, all wrapped up in a transparent waterproof resealable pouch). Purifying tablets go in the little pocket under the top flap of the pouch as a designated place
Entrenching Tool Pouch: The issued 3-way fold out digging tool along with cover, can also be substituted for another water bottle.
Utility Pouch: Snack meal, waterproof jacket, cam cream, mission relevant kit.
Right Ammo Pouch: Grenades or the bare amount of weapon cleaning kit to keep your weapon firing is good practice in either case!

Note that’s what I was taught back when I was in uniform myself and using the webbing and it could still be generic practice for those going through ATR in their Phase 1 training whether Regular or Reserves.

Webbing is great for airsoft: it’s cheap, durable, cost effective and does the job of carrying your kit quite well, but than someone had to come along with the idea of inventing MOLLE system but it still stands as a firm favourite within the airsoft community as well as the armed forces (it’s still in use itself).

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