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Revisions to Spartan Systems MTP Airborne Webbing

Airborne Webbing

We have commenced our run of Spartan Systems MTP Airborne Webbing belt kits and within 2 months we will have our excellent value range launched!

Update versions are also coming with a commanders pouch fitted in place of one of the ammo pouches which will hold either an 100 round LMG pouch, 6 magazines or double up as a utility pouch so more functions will be available!

Made from only 1000D tough fabric, infrared-reflective and with a PU Durable Water Repellant finish you can be assured you’ll be getting the best value for your money, combined with a Cobra style quick release buckle as well.

Some revisions have been done to improve the usability and the practical elements, storm hoods are being removed and PVC lining on all pouches being added.

Our Pathfinder Bergens from Spartan Systems are to follow within another few months as well as our new range of vests, bergens, patrol packs and armour carriers!

One of the main advantages of the Pilgrim MTP Airborne Webbing is the fact it is not only made of the strongest 1000D Cordura fabric but all pouches are sewn onto the belt themselves and so thus the fit is also more comfortable to swear, also compatible with 3rd party yokes and follows the classic design done by many!

Please note in the interest of customer satisfaction, feedback and to add to the quality the following changes have been made

  • PVC lining added to the inside interior of each pouch as well as the top
  • Velcro is now all green instead of coyote
  • Cobra style quick release buckle is now black
  • PLCE yoke is also now in development

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