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Testament from ITC Catterick aka Infantry Training Centre for our services rendered…

ITC Catterick

Thanks Major Sweeney of ITC for your kind testament to the services we provided to ITC (Infantry Training Centre) and for allowing us the honor and pleasure of serving this establishment, we stand ready to cater for any future requirements!

“1157store delivered in a timely manner with no fuss. Very professional and diligent organisation that fully meet the demands of a training Battalion with ease, very professional and would highly recommend this organisation to any training establishment, Very polite and meet the needs of an organisation that is at 98% manning for the field Army”
– Major P Sweeney – Technical Quartermaster – Infantry Training Centre Support Battalion aka ITC Catterick

One day we recieved an e-mail from ITC Catterick itself, MOD unit’s as we understand have authority to purchase according to their allocated budget from 3rd parties where a convinient supplier in the supply chain isn’t available, and since supplying ITC we have now become enrolled into the MOD program itself to take on contracts for the manufacturer of kit and equipment ad-hoc, now obviously not just being an exciting and enticing prospect to supply the Infantry Training Centre it was also crucial to meet their requirements under limited time and circumstances!

It wasn’t anything like re-inventing the wheel or something that hasn’t been done before but simply a case of delivering quality products on time and in the orderly fashion we did and we’re talking a few thousand units here, and that’s our success story which encouraged us to offer our services side by side using our MOD approved manufacturer!

Are you a business, MOD unit, Police, Private Military Contractor, Civilian, Retailer, Rescue, Ambulance or other organisation needing kit or equipment manufactured including custom jobs done?

Since 2018 we have also happily supplied Reserve units where their have been requirements as such, further referances are available on demand for those in MOD or GOV organisations and samples can also be manufactured to spec prior to commencing production runs, we continue to fulfill procurement contracts with the MOD as and when required and are able to meet any demands small or large with a quick turnaround time once we have details of what is required and will do the utmost to provide a cost-effective service… we’d love to have our customers back again!

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