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Here come the Jungle Patrol Bergen in MTP!

Jungle Patrol Bergen

From our MOD manufacturer made to spec comes our Jungle Patrol Bergen in MTP, made from 1000D genuine IRR MTP fabric and incorporating the USMC 1606-AC Packframe from Down East Inc, an issued item in the US forces and with an NSN number, this Bergen will be guarenteed for carrying weights of over 200kg and from the workshop comes some preview photos

We have opted to haeve this Jungle Patrol Bergen made not only from high specification fabric but also from all military approved components including the frame, buckles and fabric, everything is guarenteed to mee the stringent requirements of military kit once it goes into mass production shortly, whilst this Bergen draws inspirations from other ideas and is not an innovation by itself you can be assured it is a high quality rucksack ideal for the conditions it is to be tested again.

Due to the Bergen itself being centred around the “Jungle” environment it will also be produced in Multicam Tropic so it can can go with our matching Advanced Airborne Webbing & Yoke in Tropical being designed to above your belt kit, the refreshing differences are pointed our in our comprehensive review of the item itself in the product description.

This is the first of many of our impending designs to gradually be rolled out this year and will be made available free of charge to verified professional kit reviewers whom can give a quality assessment and feedback before we roll mass production runs.

Please note we are estimating these should be available within 3-4 months of this article although our Spartan Pathfinder Bergen is now in production and being rolled out shortly, for those customers whom have contacted us to reserve one you’ll get a notification in due course, until we have recieved sufficient field testing of our “guinea pig” we won’t be taking pre-orders for these, but please subscribe to our article and when they are on the way you’ll be informed automatically!


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