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Warranty offered with our Airborne Webbing and Advanced Airborne Webbing!

Our webbing is in the works and first few batches will be available in a few weeks, and that’s not the end of it! We have plans for releasing a whole range gradually by the end of this year but we wanted to start with the core products which we know are popular with serving soldiers, now alot of people are going to be scratching their heads and wondering why shouldn’t we be buying our kit from places like Dragon Supplies and Jay Jay’s? Why shouldn’t you, it’s all branded and yes it is all quality kit! Dragon Supplies, Jay Jay’s and other brands have solid reputations and yes they do offer a warranty with their kit, so with regards to this we’ve decided to offer a repair or replace service under 1157store Lifetime Guarentee Warranty.

Now people have to remember we don’t make our stuff, the products are manufactured for us by our MOD supplier, we are simply a retailer but we also want people think of the stuff we sell under our own brand as quality stuff, made from quality materials and fabric and made to a quality standard, so in place of this until we have a repair capability 1157store will replace any faulty products free of charge OR pay your charges for it be repaired to an appropriate standard.

Just like any software prior to release goes through “beta testing” before final release we have had our kit we demand go through several revisions, but until such time we hire a quality machinist we will be replacing any product purchased from us free for a period of upto 5 years, and once we have repair facilities enabled we will repair free of charge also.

Please note a reciept will be required (which will be provided from us) and you’ll need to keep a hold of this because it will be signed off by a staff member and you’ll need to send a copy in along with your kit (we will be recommending to use a signed for service).

One last thing to remember, this warranty doesn’t cover malicious or 3rd party damage, so for example if you decide send of webbing to be pimped up to places like Dragon Supplies this will become invalid, everything that comes back to us will go to our manufacturer for assessment in either case and it’s pretty easy to tell

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