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Pilgrim MTP Multicam Airborne Webbing available soon!

We have commenced our run of belt kits and within 2 months we will have our excellent value range launched, made from only 1000D tough fabric, infrared-reflective and with a PU Durable Water Repellant finish you can be assured you’ll be getting the best value for your money, combined with a Cobra style quick release buckkle as well


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A dedicated review on the Pilgrim Spartan Bergen

Pilgrim Spartan BergenPilgrim Spartan Bergen! Welcome to our article on the Pilgrim Spartan Bergen, there’s a lot of reasons why the average Joe soldier might get tired of the standard issue PLCE Bergen or even the more recently issued Virtus 90 pack, the answer is usually to send your rucksack off to be modded at places like Dixies Corner, Dragon Supplies, Jay Jay’s etc and there are a number of options these retailers offer listed below


  • Triple Utility Pouch
  • Poncho Pouch
  • Bergen Floating Lid Straps
  • Modified Lid with internal mesh pockets
  • Bergen Padded Mesh Back
  • Cobra Buckle
  • Shoulder Strap Widening
  • Bergen Baggy Mesh Pockets, Drawstring top

This list is by no means extensive… luckily there is an off the shelf solution which combines the best of all the most innovative mods into one easy to carry package… meet the Spartan Bergen…

The Spartan Bergen for a start is MTP, that’s right, genuine fabric, it’s perfectly compatible with all issued kit in the UK forces and also Multicam compatible for those whom is the issued shade as well, it packs a shed load of pouches to keep kit separated with dedicated compartments and a generously side inner space as well as a top lid for separating smaller niggles of kit which you may want quick to hand.

The feature of a utility pouch is one of the most liked features we’ve found after feedback from our customers, each pouch features a waterproof storm hood to protect the contents against the elements and you can bet that is a plus especially when deep behind enemy lines under adverse conditions.

See below for a list of features on the Spartan Bergen

  • Triple Utility Pouch: Featuring s 25mm side release buckles and velcro retention on the lids, these allow storage of extra essentials that require access quickly, eg Waterbottles, Link ammunition, First Aid Supplies, 24-hour Operational Ration Packs, Issued Water bottle with lid, Jet Boil, waterproof kit etc.
  • Poncho pouch: The addition of a means you can easily accommodate your Basha, Bungees, Paracord and Tent Pegs comfortably, with room to spare for your own waterproof clothing if required!
  • Modified Lid with internal mesh pockets: Bergen Lid with internal mesh pockets. For field organisation and administration of the kit in your Bergen lid. Features three sewn in mesh bags and an elastic loop system. All those small essentials can now be organised!
  • Widened Shoulder Strap: Increases the comfort of a standard Bergen. Wider straps spread the load and can also add the option of plastic inserts to enlarge the load surface area vastly improving the comfort more.
  • Bergen Baggy Mesh Pockets, Drawstring top: Side mesh pocket fitted to Bergen within the side pocket zips, this still allows side pockets to the used if desired. Drawcord closure at the top provides secure closure. The pocket can be compressed using the Bergen’s existing straps, comes as a pair!
  • Padded Mesh Back: A professionally fitted padded mesh back for increased comfort and air circulation. Dramatically reduces Bergen rub on those long tabs! Padded spacer mesh back. Increase comfort by creating a softer surface and increases air flow over back to reduce heat rash and friction.
  • Floating Lid Straps: Our floating lid features 3 lengths of webbing straps attached from the Bergen body to the lid. Ideal for storing your patrol pack, or making more room in your Bergen. Fully adjustable and secure. Adding the floating lid to the Bergen allows additional storage space under the main lid of your pack.

So there you have it, combining the best of everything wanted in a Bergen mod into one desirable package, made by MOD manufacturer from top quality materials!

Featuring two removable side pockets, three large utility pouches, and a generously sided main body the Spartan is easily capable of the large load out required by todays operators, and can be customised for role specific needs.

The Pilgrim Spartan Bergen is made from 1000D Multicam / MTP compatible material, and has two removable side pockets covering a mesh pocket, retained by elastic when not in use. Under the mesh side pockets there is a flat pocket for shelter poles or other items.

The front features a triple utility pouch and poncho pouch on the front. The poncho pouch incorporates a lid that closes over the main zip and contains a separate peg pouch. The triple pouch features storms hoods and side release buckles.

The floating top lid features a pocket on inside and large pocket on the top. The top pocket features a 3 sided zip that hinges open to reveal 2 small and one large mesh pockets with elastic loops and MOLLE on the inside of the lid for kit organisation.

The unique backing system features contoured S-Shaped shoulder straps with a sternum strap and spacer mesh padding. Spacer Mesh back support system with two long vertical pads that promote air flow run either side of the spine that flow into a lumber support pad for added comfort. This allows the operator to carry the load in the most comfortable way over long periods of time.

To keep the posture, it houses an internal aluminium frame. Removable waist belt with MOLLE to allow pouches to be attached. Compression straps ensure any load can be secured and safely carried.


  • Padded shoulder straps with molle attachment strips
  • Sternum Strap
  • Mesh foam back system
  • Internal aluminium frame
  • Command hood with mesh pockets and molle strips
  • Triple utility pouch with Storm Hoods
  • Basha pouch with small tent peg pocket and lid
  • Cats eye luminous tab
  • 150 litre capacity
  • 1000 denier Crye Precision multicam material
  • Removeable molle side pockets with stowage straps
  • Floating Lid
  • 2 Styles of Side pocket Available
  • Compression straps bottom and sides
  • Compressed Mesh Pockets with large capacity
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Classic Airborne Webbing vs Advanced Airborne Webbing

A typical example of Airborne webbing
A typical example of Airborne webbing, with 3 utility pouches

What is the difference between Airborne Webbing vs Advanced Airborne Webbing?

What’s airborne about the Airborne Webbing that is retailed everywhere and is there anything special about it? The origin comes from the favouritism that was placed upon this kind of kit by the Parachute Regiment.

The pouches are stitched onto a jointed hip pad using closed cell foam to pad and protect the operator, promoting stability and comfort, the pouches are stitched as close as they can be together so the fit is perfect.

For these set’s, all you will pay is from £89.99, yes, that’s it, no more and no less, military grade products made to military spec from military grade materials, you won’t need anything purchased seperately, everything you need is ready go, all sets come with a MOLLE loop for an optional bayonet and a yoke included!

So here we go! What is the difference between Airborne Webbing vs Advanced Airborne Webbing!?

Standard Airborne Webbing: 2 sets of double ammo pouches and 3/4 utility pouches, nice and simple, featuring a multi-tool pouch on one end of the belt and a FFD pouch on the other!

Advanced Airborne Webbing: 1 set of double ammo pouches, 3/4 utility pouch and in place of the right hand ammo pouch is a converted commanders pouch which can function either as an ammo pouch, utility and can also store LMG boxes, the commanders pouch also features a map window in the lid which can be handy for platoon sergeants or platoon commanders.

It’s a solid seller and thanks to our outsourcing it is soon going to be available in a wide range of flavours and comes complete with a yoke for a full set up, we will be aiming to have it available in the following

  • Classic MTP Airborne Webbing – For those wanting the classic configuration and ready for use with any issued or purchased 3rd party yoke
  • MTP – For those in the UK Armed Forces for wanting an ever closer match to their issued kit than Multicam
  • Multicam – For those wanting whom favour Multicam kit
  • Multicam Arid – For those venturing into desert and arid environments
  • Multicam Tropical – Some people need an option for venturing in to the hot and tropical? Here you go!
  • Multicam Alpine – The Royal Marines are the UK’s specially trained option for venturing into arctic or cold weather environments
  • Multicam Black – The ultimate night cam for use with special ops flavoured stuff

All belt kits are IRR, durable water repellant and made from tough hard wearing cordura.

With further refinements the webbing sets themselves taken effort to outsource only the best materials available from the hardwearing 1000D infra-red reflective fabric to the tough ITW nexus buckles used to close the pouches, it was a hard choice to select for a buckle between a roll pin and a Cobra style but it was decided that the Cobra quick release would give solid familiarity to the general user, although in the future we may decide to offer some in roll pin.

The utility pouches themselves feature storm hoods to further keep the contents dry and the ammo pouches are PVC lined to protect your ammo magazines, the storm hood feature was chosen to ensure that things which are stored such as luxury items like Jet Boil and essentials like food and survival kits are also protected, and in case liquid does get into them their are drainage eyelets at the bottom to release any liquid should it become stored up.

Their are alot of different brands out there such as Jay Jay’s, Dragon Supplies, Maurader, Web-Tex, Kombat etc and whilste some are expensive and high quality some are cheap and utter crap, it depends what your buying? Are you a serious soldier wanting something hard wearing guarenteed to last? Than you definately don’t want something cheaply made but no one is a millionaire in the Army for sure.

We aim to bring reasonable priced but high quality kit to the market and the start of this is with our belt kits complete with yokes as well as the flagship bergen we further feature, from February of 2020 onwards more and more articles will be coming forth and released into the general shopping outlets such as Amazon, eBay and our retail site, and we will gather customer feedback to see what they like and what could do with improvements in the overall systems themselves.

The traditional belt kit was always a solid favourite for those in the Armed Forces and the next evolution was simply to make it more comfortable to wear, carrying all you need to survive for 24 hours at the least and these belt kits do exactly that, further refinements will see the ability to mount radio pouches and conversions, our designer and manufacturer is already putting forward new idea including patrol packs and with plenty of stock on the way in production we won’t be caught short handed although expect high demand for the price we’re selling it at!

Airborne webbing isn’t exclusive to the Parachute Regiment, it’s a solid option for anyone in the Infantry regardless of their role and those in the support role as well.

The 6 options on display aren’t exclusive and we can outsource fabric in any colour you need, simply contact for further info!

We guarentee full satisfaction of a 100% money back guarentee, no quibble or argument, we may ask if there was an issue but that’s just about it! So look forward to 2020 and the new range of products coming from Pilgrim Systems, with webbing just being the start!

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Hi everyone, welcome to the website, we are in the process of adding our new range of goods as well as our own branded range of goods made of genuine MTP which will include webbing and rucksacks! If you have any immediate queries please e-mail us directly and we will get back to you with 1-2 working days, we are also administering existing orders.


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Webbing – British Army – What goes in it…

Gurkha soldiers during an exercise

This has gone back a long time and there is plenty of information available online as to what webbing holds and where to put everything but for this article we are going to put emphasis on the basic load out for an Infantry soldier and what kind of configuration they would normally have stowed away in all those lovely pouches, when it’s assembled together the right way, in the right size and it’s well looked after it does the job perfectly fine and in some ways can be more comfortable or superior to wearing a MOLLE vest shuddered with pouches all over.

The basic load out (from left to right)

Left Ammo Pouch: Obviously your basic load of 6 ammunition pouches containing 6 x 30 round magazines, usually the issued load out
Bayonet Frog: Guess what goes in here? Correct! The SA80 bayonet along with scabbard!
Water-Bottle Pouch: Basic survival gear to keep you alive and functional, if not all that comfortable, obviously the issued 58″ pattern Osprey water bottle along with mug (perhaps one of the gucci Crusader ones from BCB), along with your basic cooker and some fuel tablets you’ll also routinely keep a pouched meal along with brew kit, lighter, matches, all wrapped up in a transparent waterproof resealable pouch). Purifying tablets go in the little pocket under the top flap of the pouch as a designated place
Entrenching Tool Pouch: The issued 3-way fold out digging tool along with cover, can also be substituted for another water bottle.
Utility Pouch: Snack meal, waterproof jacket, cam cream, mission relevant kit.
Right Ammo Pouch: Grenades or the bare amount of weapon cleaning kit to keep your weapon firing is good practice in either case!

Note that’s what I was taught back when I was in uniform myself and using the webbing and it could still be generic practice for those going through ATR in their Phase 1 training whether Regular or Reserves.

Webbing is great for airsoft: it’s cheap, durable, cost effective and does the job of carrying your kit quite well, but than someone had to come along with the idea of inventing MOLLE system but it still stands as a firm favourite within the airsoft community as well as the armed forces (it’s still in use itself).

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Need a cheap 2-person option for camping???

One of the recent additions to our growing surplus is the 2-man tent from our Dutch Army surplus range, available in Woodland DPM, typical military specification, extremely durable and provide very generous space for one man and kit, or room for two small individuals.  They have doors on both sides for sheltered entry in stormy conditions, side insect mesh ventilation with velcro fastening storm flaps on both doors and are the perfect investment if you’re after a heavy duty tent, that will perform over years of heavy use/travel. The tents have an integrated heavy duty ‘bath tub’ waterproof ground sheet and all stress points and seams are reinforced.

Available here

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Welcome to the new retail site of 1157store!

Welcome the to the 1157 store, with a new re-brand we are also seeking to make it easier for potential customers to enjoy new features which will enjoy a better experiance when purchasing from us! We are adding new products daily and soon will be adding monthly special offers on selected products and are always actively outsourcing new ideas. Some people may wonder why the name “1157”? Well for those whom have been in the UK Armed Forces like myself it’s basically a “kit entitlement” you sign for when you pass through recruit training whereas the “1098” is kit loaned from your local store.

So we seek to promote 11157 kit as the basic essentials you require! You may be looking at 2 weeks from this postr of this date until all our basics are up and added, but as mentioned we will also be collaberating with new suppliers to bring their products at competitive prices, well good fun!

So if you want to here more from us do sign up for our news letter as we will also be bringing great deals for Armed Forces and Emergency Services personnel in the upcoming future, stay tued!