British Army MTP Sniper Jacket Smock


MTP Sniper smocks, as issued to British Forces snipers, please note these are similar to para smocks but with a few enhancements relevant to role. Please see below for further detail

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  • 170/104
  • 170/112
  • 170/120
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  • 190/96
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Product Description

The British Army MTP Sniper Jacket Smock, as issued to British Forces snipers, genuine issue, complete with a jump flap, foliage loops, metal clips for aiming, knitted cuffs, padded elbows etc

As used by members of Infantry regiments whom  have complete the arduous sniper course which is an intensive crash course in marksmanship coupled with fieldcraft, range estimation, intel gathering, fire support etc

Smock, Sniper’s, Multi Terrain Pattern. Cloth satin back drill cotton. With slide and snap fasteners. Knitted wool cuffs. Spring clip. Webbing for camouflage loops and spring clip.

These are ther most rarest of all MTP smocks to get, even above the para smocks, as you can imagine snipers are few and far between and these jackets are designed especially for the role of a concealed expert marksman.

The smocks differ greatly to the general issue MTP PCS smocks, similar to the Para smock in design but featuring additional extras like stand-up collar, same jump flap and press stud pocket, and now adding foilage loops, metal clips for aiming, and padded elbows for shooting with a steady aim when lying prone, very exclusive and rare, more than the MTP Para Smocks!

Please note that whilst the 2 upper pockets on the front are like usual on the breast area, the 2 bottom pockets are on the side on the smock for easier access when lying down.

There are green camo strips for inserting camoflage as well as the traditional para cuffs like from para smocks to do… well whatever they are meant to do during the jumps!


  • Windproof Knitted Cotton Para Cuffs
  • Jump Flap
  • 4 Front pockets with press stud fastenings
  • Foliage loops
  • Metal clips for aiming
  • Padded elbows
  • Padded shoulders
  • Sleeve Pen pocket on left arm
  • First Field Dressing (FFD) pocket on right.
  • Waist draw cords
  • Hem draw cords



Exclusively issued to the UK Armed Forces and replacing the desert and woodland patterns issued DPM at the time, MTP performs across a range of environments. The pattern replaced all uniform including shirts, jackets, trousers, UBACS and came out under the Personal Clothing System range aka PCS. MTP PLCE remains in use as Virtus also comes into issue with the Infantry regiments. The collection is vast and includes webbing, bergens, rucksacks, Gore-Tex and other accesories and is as mentioned supplemented by Virtus kit.

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